This conference explores technological trends in the development of future cities. What are cutting-edge methods and technologies in city planning and urban design that will shape the design of our future urban environments? How will the application of AI, IoT, automation, smart and green technologies shape how we live, work and operate in future cities? We aim to explore emerging trends and discuss new applications engaging citizens in the planning process. In particular, we are interested in Artificial Intelligence (AI) its technologies, implementations and impacts on urban planning and design.

The themes are:

1. AI History/Theory in Urban Design and Planning
2. AI Tools/Methods/Techniques
3. Using AI in city analysis
4. Using AI in city performance
5. Using AI in generating new city layouts/forms
6. Using AI in the experience/perception of cities

Call For Abstracts

CIDDI 2021 Conference Series on the Future City aims to bring together professionals, academicians and the general public to share new trends and shape innovations in the development of future cities.

Select paper submissions will have the opportunity to be included in the book [Elsevier, 2022: Artificial Intelligence in Urban Planning and Design: Technologies, Implementation, and Impacts].

Abstract Submission Deadline : 25 April 2021

Notification of Acceptance : 02 May 2021




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